Wutukala dance is well-known traditional dance in Sorong

Wutukala dance is well-known traditional dance in Sorong

The Moy tribe in West Papua has had the traditional dance namely Wutukala dance. This dance is performed as a symbol to thank God for providing beautiful nature, good prosperity, and health for Papuan. Dance also represents a symbol of daily activities such as fishing, hunting, gardening, and so forth. This dance is well known in the coastal area of Sorong where the Moy tribe people live in the area.

Wutukala dance is performed by female and male dancers. The dancers consist of 5-6 pairs of male and female dancers. Dancers wear traditional costumes and dance stuff such as harpoons for male dancers and Noken used by female dancers. Noken is a bag to carry fish. This dance movement demonstrates the joy and spirit that unite in one natural movement.

The dance movement looks like a fishing movement with a spear by male dancers and the movement takes the catch of the female dancers. Traditional music originating from Tifa will accompany this dance, such as ukulele, bass, guitar, and so forth. Modern musical instruments are used to make this dance more interesting.

For custom, male dancers wear head cover made of Cenderawasih’s fur (bird of paradise’s fur). Ethnic paintings in black and white will be painted on the dancers’ bodies. Female dancers also wear the same clothes as the men but the clothes have been adapted to the body shape of the women.

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