Reclamation of ex-mining land for agriculture.

Reclamation of ex-mining land for agriculture.

PT Freeport Indonesia and the Faculty of Agriculture, State University of Papua (Unipa) Manokwari, conducted a series of research.  The research is related to the use of tailings land or ex-mining land. Located in the Mimika Regency,  they will  develop a productive area for food crops. Pratita Puradyatmika as general superintendent stated that more than 140 types of plants will be planted on 1,000 hectares area.

The benefit for plantation is real. Pineapple, melon, dragon fruit and mango taste sweeter than similar fruit grown in other planting media. The vegetables and fruit plants have grown on tailings land contain copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), lead (Pb), arsenic (As) and mercury (Hg) that much lower than the food safe threshold.  Check at the Director General of POM No. 03725 / B / SK / VII / 89.

Another benefit is to make natural pesticides. Dr. Sartji Taberima MSi, a researcher at Faperta, Unipa, said that cocoa plants planted here have shown that their organic fertilizers as ameliorants could improve soil fertility. In addition to developing the use of organic fertilizers to increase plant productivity, Freeport and Unipa are also researching the potential for using plants as natural pesticides.

Finally, of the 277 identified local plant species, there are 14 types of plants that have the potential to be used as natural pesticides. “The use of natural pesticides is very good for plants because the material decomposes quickly, low toxicity, no poison and more cost-effective,” said Ir Maria J Sadsoeitoeboen MSi, Biology Expert of FMIPA Unipa who was also involved in this research.

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