Welcoming the XX PON in “West Papua”

Welcoming the XX PON in “West Papua”

Papua Governor Lukas Enembe inaugurated the use of the Wisma Athlete Building and the KONI office located in the multi-purpose Mandala Stadium on Monday (24/8/2020). Wisma’s athletes with a capacity of 524 athletes will be used as a training center in facing the XX PON in 2021. The important thing is Governor of Papua, Luke Enembe has expressed his pride and grateful to get the confidence to host the XX PON 2021.

The athletes’ guesthouse and the KONI office which was built since 2011 have spent a budget of around 313 billion Rupiah and will provide with a four-star hotel facility with a multipurpose room with a capacity of 300 people, a dining room with a capacity of 200 people and a parking park with a capacity of 264 vehicles can be a motivation for Papuan athletes to carve out future sports achievements.

Separately, the Chairman of the Jayapura Regional BRI Bank, Darwaji, on Monday (24/8/2020) said that 3,186 micro business actors in Papua received assistance from the President worth 2.4 million Rupiah as an effort to accelerate economic recovery through the National Economic Recovery (PEN). One of the newest programs is the Presidential Assistance (Banpres) for Productive Micro Enterprises (BPUM) which is rolled out for micro-entrepreneurs with certain criteria as stipulated in Permenkop No.6 of 2020.

Bank of BRI is committed to helping the government and succeeding the distribution of BPUM to 9.1 million micro business actors. Bank BRI has 4 BRI offices operating in the Seribu Islands, NTT Islands – Labuan Bajo, Halmahera Islands, and Anambas Islands.

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