West Papua’s Separatist Terrorism continues to target civilians

West Papua’s Separatist Terrorism continues to target civilians

The notorious separatist terrorism in the Intan Jaya and Nduga districts, Indonesian province, has been continuing to target innocent civilians and security personnel. Over the past nine months, these groups have been involving in 17 cases of violence.

On October 6, 2020, several members of an armed Papuan group reportedly fired at an Indonesian Military (TNI) post. This attacks happened at the Pasar Baru Kenyam, neighborhood of Nduga district. Yulius Wetipo wounded on the left and right side of the waist.

On October 9, a joint fact-finding team or TGPF has been ambushed. TGPF is a team which  set up by the government. This team is trying to probe a recent shooting in Mamba village, Sugapa subdistrict, Intan Jaya district. The West Papua National Liberation Army (TPNPB) confirmed behind the attack. Bambang Purwoko is one of  the TGPF members and lectures of Gadjah Mada University (UGM). He shot in the leg. TNI soldier First Sgt Faisal Akbar of the Hitadipa Task Force sustained injuries on his waist.

In the past, armed groups used to cross Intan Jaya’s areas en route to several mountainous areas. It includes those in Tembagapura sub-district, Mimika district. At present, they have made the district their base. There are six groups in Intan Jaya’s areas. It includes Hipadipa sub-district. They are led by Sebinus Waker and reportedly possess 17 rifles.

In response to the ongoing cycle of violence, a legislator representing the Papuan constituency has appealed to the police and TNI to work closely with regional governments and Papuan communities.  The cooperation will be able to handle and seek solutions to the conflict in the province.

Yan Permenas Mandenas is  a member of the House of Representatives (DPR). Yan suggested to arrest and bring perpetrators to justice. Lets’s local communities to resume their peaceful lives and the regional administrations to continue serving the people. The act of terrors have pose serious threats to the sustainability of the government’s development programs. Socio-economic prosperity for the entire Papuan people disrupts. In Papua, armed groups operating in one district or village have no clear chain of command with those in other districts or villages. This fact does not imply that the conflict in the area cannot be resolved.

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