West Papua’s books were launched by LIPI

West Papua’s books were launched by LIPI

The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has launched 3 books as a series of research activities related to West Papua. The three titles of the book are “Orang Asli Papua”: Social Demographic Conditions of indigenous Papuans and Their Changes; Education as a Way of Light: Building Education that is Responsive to the Geographical, Demographic, Social and Cultural Conditions of the Indigenous Papuans; and Maternal and Child Health of Indigenous Papuans: Between Service Availability and Socio-Cultural Challenges.

Deputy for Social and Community Sciences LIPI Tri Nuke Pudjiastuti at the virtual launch event of “Books of Challenges and Solutions for Papua Land from a Population Side” in Jakarta, on October 1, 2020 said that the social demographic study in Papua Land is a series of research activities throughout 2019 in the West Papua Province, particularly in Sorong Regency and Tambrauw Regency.

The results of research at the policy level have produced several policy reports on the management of demographic diversity, education, and maternal-child health. The policy report was presented and officially submitted to the Governor of West Papua Province in December 2019.

A researcher of the Population Research Center of LIPI, Widayatun, said maternal and child health services for West Papuan of West Papua Province, need to be given priority in development and are a form of fulfillment of human rights. Another LIPI researcher, Anggi Afriansyah, said every child has the right to access quality education services. “We are trying to see how education is present as a clear way to make Papuan children get their rights because education is a fundamental that must be accepted,” said Anggi.

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