West Papuas Anggrek Kribo (Dendrobium Spectabile)

West Papuas Anggrek Kribo (Dendrobium Spectabile)

Bunga Anggrek Kribo (Dendrobium spectabile) is a warm growing species native to Papua, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. This flower is also used for Universitas Negeri Papua Symbol together with Kupu Sayap Burung (Ornithoptera sp). The 18 inch to 2 foot long canes produce masses of flowers that look like aliens from another world. This plant typically flowers in the winter and early spring months but can also flower in late August through October. Each flower spike can produce 10 – 20 three inch flowers colored in cream, tan, mahogany, purple, and green. The flowers last a couple of and have a nice honey-like fragrance.

There are many other orchids growing in Papua such as Anggrek Macan (Grammatophyllum Sp.), Anggrek Merpati (Dendrobium Lineale), Anggrek Emas (Dendrobium Conanthum) and so on. This long lasting which have a honey like scent is usually sold as high as $ 100

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