Face mask rules implemented in Nabire, West Papua, starting September 2020.

Face mask rules implemented in Nabire, West Papua, starting September 2020.

The Nabire Regency Government requires all employees to wear face masks while serving at the office and outside the office, which will be enforced from August 25, 2020.

“All (employees) are required to wear face masks at the office or while traveling,” said Regional Secretary Nabire Daniel Maipon, on Thursday (27/8).

The enactment of this rule is to welcome the new normal which has been implemented from the beginning of September in Nabire, including requiring every office to provide hand washing facilities in their respective work environments.

These various provisions are contained in the Nabire Regent Circular Number 443.1 / 2194 / SET  Implementing Covid-19 Preventive Health Protocol  in the Nabire Regency Government, dated 19 August 2020.

Face-to-face activities have started gradually in junior and senior high schools as well as vocational schools will be implemented in primary schools in September 2020.  One of DPRD members, Nabire Sambena Inggeruhi, said the obligation to wear a face mask should be accompanied by sanctions.

Jayapura, Mimika, Keerom, and Biak Numfor are the four other districts, with a high count of COVID-19 cases, he noted, adding that 1,495 symptomatic residents had made a complete recovery and were discharged from hospitals.

In the wake of the high rate of infection, local authorities have yet to enforce a transitional period for adapting to the new normal scenario in Jayapura City, but if the COVID-19 curve can be flattened, it can be imposed in September, he remarked.

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