Tribal clash in Jayapura has been solved

Tribal clash in Jayapura has been solved

There are at least some 16 native Papuans suffered arrow wounds in a tribal clash erupting in Jayawijaya District’s area, Papua, on September 10 -11, 2020, but a public hospital’s local doctors offered timely life-saving treatment.

Hence, the injured Papuans were taken home by their families to be cured at home, he observed while steering clear of elaborating on the factors causative to the clashes between the tribes in the villages of Wukahilapok and Meagama.

Society leader asked police personnel to stop the clash and police personnel deployed to the incident site fired a warning shot while appealing to them to stop assaulting each other.

The important things is the installment of a Red-and-White flag on a boundary line of the area that each member of the warring camps was not allowed to pass through. Apart from the local police’s endeavors to end the clash, one of the warring groups set ablaze several traditional Papuan huts (honai). They appeared to disregard the police’s presence on the ground.

On the contrary, each fighting camp was on guard and equipped with traditional weapons, including arrows, spears, and machetes.

Violent conflicts between tribes in the eastern Indonesian province of Papua have repeatedly occurred. Media reports attribute the conflicts to causative factors, such as old rivalries and revenge.

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