The Free West Papua’s term on the web.

The Free West Papua’s term on the web.

One of the webs is This web mentions that the Free West Papua Campaign exists due to alert the world to the ongoing genocide in West Papua, which is under Indonesian military occupation. This argument is negated by many Papuan figures who lead Papua itself, for examples, the governor of West Papua Drs. Dominggus Mandacan,  is a native son of Papua  and the governor of Papua, is Lukas Enembe, S.H, M.H, is also Papuan.

The second web is  This web publishes the writing of   Emma KlugePhD Candidate, Department of History, University of Sydney dated January 23, 2020. We like her strong argument that when West Papuan activists sought the support of African delegates who they believed were likely allies and shared a history of racial oppression and a desire to see the end of colonialism in all its forms. However, what few activist obtained is African leaders already committed to the Non-Aligned Movement led by Indonesia. In her writing Emma has made wrong judgment stated that under this rigged system, Indonesia went unchallenged in allowing just over 1,000 hand-picked individuals to vote on behalf of the entire West Papuan population. The fact that the Act of Free Choice was the best practice of democratic ever at that time and all noted the majority men voted in favor of becoming part of Indonesia.

The next web is . This web mentions that foreign media and human rights groups are banned from operating in West Papua, so people rarely hear about the situation there. This clearly contradicts the facts that many media could update daily Papua news such as,,, ,,, and many more.

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