Some Traditional Musical Instruments played in West Papua

Some Traditional Musical Instruments played in West Papua

There are some traditional musical instruments in West Papua, among others:


This musical instrument is played by picking its string. Guoto is made of the animal skin usually ox skin. This unique music tools is unique and a fascination for foreign guests coming to this province due to can only be found in West Papua.


This musical tool is made of shells, blown using our mouth. Most coastal areas in West Papua have this instrument including islands of Raja Ampat, Wondama, Nabire, Waropen, Yapen, and Biak. In the past, this tool was used to call or to communicate each other in the forest. Nowdays, this music has improved as entertainment. Some say Triton is more beautiful natural scenery than Raja Ampat.


It sounds like Chinese word, but this traditional musical instrument is West Papua origin. This instrument has the same function as Triton, to call people around the forest. The development of modern society utilizes this tool to accompany the traditional dances. Yi made of bamboo and wood will work after blow and will make a beautiful sound.


This wood instrument is not only popular in West Papua but also in Maluku. Tifa has the same shape with the drum and is played by striking with our hand. One side of the wood is covered with dried deerskin to produce a beautiful and melodious sound. The shape and carving of this instrument can show the characteristics of the tribe.


A very small size of Pikok with oval shape is made of bamboo. The middle piece of bamboo pieces is tailored with a very tight rope. The string is tied with a vibrator stick. If the base of the stick is pulled by hand, then the vibrating pieces can produce vibration and make a beautiful sound.


The last musical instrument we want to explain is called Krombi. This musical instrument is used to accompany the traditional dance of the Papuan people. Usually, this instrument is played with small wood by tapping the wood on Krombi. This musical instrument can produce unique sounds and make traditional dances more beautiful.

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