Robby Omaleng : Process Freeport shares in a professional manner.

Robby Omaleng : Process Freeport shares in a professional manner.

The chairman of Mimika DPRD Robby K Omaleng dismissed the notion that there were indications of corruption and conspiracy in the formulation of regional regulations and the formation of BUMD. This is related to the ownership of 51 percent of Freeport Indonesia shares which was taken over by PT Indonesia Asahan Alumina (Inalum), which has now changed its name to Mind Id.

Of the 51 percent shares that Indonesia already owns, Papua Province gets 3 percent and Mimika Regency 7 percent.

“However, until now the Mimika Regency Government and the Papua Provincial Government have not executed the taking of Freeport shares from Mind Id. Because there is still an evaluation and discussion between the Papua Provincial Government and the Mimika Regency Government, “said Omaleng at Hotel Horison Ultima Timika, on Sunday

Until now, Mind Id, as the holder of 51 percent of PT Freeport Indonesia’s shares, still has to wait for an agreement between the Papua Provincial Government and the Timika Regional Government, to hand over 10 percent of Freeport’s shares as a share of the region.

Robby stated,“his side always open to follow up any input from various groups, including legal practitioners, lawyers, academics, NGOs, and the wider community to improve this regional regulation. There is no intention of corruption in the drafting of the Perda.”

He added that in the divestment of shares, the Mimika Regency Government has the role of representing government institutions, as well as having the obligation and responsibility to process Freeport shares in a professional manner.

For professional management, of course, requires Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD). The BUMD management funds will later be used for the benefit of improving the living standards of the Mimika people as a whole. The Mimika public must understand that in the process of taking over shares, the Mimika Regency Government is given the obligation to pay debts to Mind Id, which bought Freeport shares. Because Mind Id has already paid for the purchase of the 10 percent stake.

“From this divestment of shares, the regions must pay gradually over several years of Mind Id’s debt. This debt payment, of course, will not use APBD or bank loans, but will pay by dividend mechanism,”he explained again.

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