Preserving Marori and Smarky Kanum Languages in Merauke

Preserving Marori and Smarky Kanum Languages in Merauke

This cooperation projects have done in Merauke is to help preserve Indigenous language of Marori and Smarky Kanun. Both fieldwork and research is conducted in collaboration with a variety of institutions and stakeholders, including the local government in Merauke, Balai Taman Nasional Wasur, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), and the newly established ANU Centre of Excellence for the Dynamics of Language (COEDL).

They state that the speakers of  Marori and Smarky Kanum languages have been multilingual; the Marori people have almost completely switched to the most dominant language, Indonesian. These people have traditionally kept close spiritual & cultural links to their natural environments, which have undergone unprecedented changes in modern Indonesia, affecting their biodiversity, and the peoples’ languages.

They have produced a range of materials and published works, including lexical databases & language corpora, an Ethnobiology Guidebook of the Wasur National Park, and a series of academic papers on language documentation and language ecology from linguistic, biological and anthropological perspectives.

One of researchers, Arka, I Wayan, has written Handbook of grammatical number, edited by Patricia Cabredo Hofherr and Jenny Doetjes, printed at Oxford University Press. The other book namely MULOK (Muatan Lokal) is compiled based on the corpus of texts generated from the entobiology documentation. The sentence structure and words have been edited to suit primary school teaching, writing in three-language editions : Marori, Indonesian and English.

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