Physical Education taught by Sersan in West Papua

Physical Education taught by Sersan in West Papua

First sergeant (Sersan), Rofinus, who has teaching skills, utilize his talents to help the teaching and learning process at SMP YPPK ST. FR. Saverius Satu Atap Tanah Merah, located at Kampung Persatuan, Mandobo District, Boven Digoel Regency. The subject given is Physical Education (PE) for the seventh grade students of SMP YPPK ST. FR. Satu Atap Saverius Tanah Merah.

On the sidelines of the teaching and learning process, Rofinus has reminded students to maintain health protocols for students considering that Boven Digoel Regency is still hit by the Corona Virus pandemic (Covid -19).

Previously, the teaching and learning process was carried out in their respective homes through social online. “But this time, we should be grateful, because now it has entered a new normal so that the education process can run as before, even though the implementation is by alternating systems and should pay attention to health protocols,” he said. Even though it has started New Normal, we have to keep our distance, wear face-masks and carry out a healthy lifestyle so that we avoid the Covid-19 Virus.

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