Nigerian Young Professionals Forum talking about next leaders.

Nigerian Young Professionals Forum talking about next leaders.

Moses Siloko Siasia, the chairman of the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum, NYPF, says he is confident that a new and inspired generation of leaders have emerged in Nigeria. His comment was made on August 18, when he paid a courtesy visit to Abdulmalik Abubakar Gajam, president of the Youths Liaison Motivity (YLM).  According to Siasia, his visit to Gajam is in line with the vision of NYPF to mobilize critical mass young professionals across Nigeria to pursue the goal of ensuring purposeful national growth, development and rebirth.

Siasia added, Gajam could describe as a young emerging leader in Nigeria, due to his exemplary leadership in absolute service to his community and impacting humanity with humanitarian projects across northern Nigeria.

Nigeria is Africa’s leading oil producer but faces a range of problems including corruption, security threats, power shortages and a failure to invest the proceeds from the industry have hampered development. A slow recovery from a recession in 2016 means there are not enough jobs for the large number of young people joining the employment market. About a quarter of the working age population is unemployed.

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