Electricity Service of PLN in West Papua

Electricity Service of PLN in West Papua

PLN is continuing to provide maximum service to its customers by officially increasing the hours of electricity in 5 districts in Sarmi Regency. They are Bonggo District, East Bonggo District, Far East Bonggo District, North Bonggo District and Betaf District. Each district will get an additional 24 hours and 18 hours per day.

Bonggo is an area that has been electrified by PLN since 2017. Initially, the location was only supplied by PLN electricity for 12 hours before being increased to 18 hours per day.

General Manager of PLN UIW P2B, Abdul Farid, said that this additional turn on hour could be realized with the full support of the local government and the community.

“We also continue to strive to provide the best service for people in Papua in terms of electricity,” Farid stated.

The increase in operating hours is expected to improve the economy of the Bonggo and Betaf people than before.

One of the Bonggo residents, Michael thanked PLN,”the additional hours can encourage an increase in both the education sector and the economic sector in Bonggo”.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Sarmi, Eduard Fonataba hopes that in the future, the community together with PLN, can maintain the existing electricity network and infrastructure in Sarmi Regency so that electricity supply continues to be reliable.

In order to improve services, PLN is building a 32.5 kms long medium voltage network (JTM), a 29.5 kms long low voltage network (JTR) and 13 distribution substation units.

Bonggo and East Bonggo Districts, which have a peak load of approximately 400 KW, which are fully supplied from the PLTA Orya 2 × 10 MW. Apart from being more reliable, it also makes the cost of supply cheaper.

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