Edo Kondologit : I am Papuan, I am Indonesian

Edo Kondologit : I am Papuan, I am Indonesian

“I am Papuan. Papua is a part of nation called Indonesia. We are Indonesian” (Edo Kondologit)

Edo Kondologit is popularly known as a jazz singer and often Christian hymns. He was born in Sorong, August 5, 1967 is also an Indonesian actor and singer.


Edo also often sings songs of peace through a number of social organizations. He married a woman named Niar Septia Cahyana (Keko)with one daughter Itamar Lemuela Barbalina. He became an actor in the films Red CobeX (2010) and Salah Bodi (2014) and also played for soap opera entitles Madun (2015).


The son of the couple Onesimus Kondologit and Narnalina Ajolo still exists in the Indonesian music scene, apart from being active as a functionary of a political party.


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